Tori Wood

 Full Name: Tori Wood
Date of Birth: November 12th, 1991
Place of Birth: Melbourne, Australia
Current Residence:
Squamish, B.C.
MTB Discipline: Enduro/Downhill
Favourite Trail: Depends on the conditions/how I'm feeling but I love a good slab lap down Chossy and then Highway to Hell to Hueso
Scariest Trail/Feature: I would say some of the lines on Rodeo Rose are the scariest features I've ridden. The first time I rode Dirt Merchant Pro line I was pretty nervous too!
Dream Trip Destination: I really want to get back to Tasmania
Favourite Riding Buddy: Oh too hard to pick just one but anyone who's up for some punishing chat
Words to Live Buy: Any Yoda quote works
Favourite NF Product: DP4s or my race jersey
Instagram: @torrgallore
Special Thanks To: Corsa/Dunbar Cycles, One up components, Forbidden