Seth Sherlock

Seth Sherlock
 Full Name: Seth Sherlock
Date of Birth: August 28, 2002
Place of Birth: Squamish, BC
Current Residence:
Qualicum Beach, BC
MTB Discipline: DH, Enduro, and some freeride in the offseason.
Favourite Trail: Psychosis, Golden
Scariest Trail/Feature: Wet loamers in Morzine, I've never been more scared on a bike!
Dream Trip Destination: That I’ve been to, probably Morzine. I really want to go
check out the South Island of New Zealand though.
Favourite Riding Buddy: In Squamish Jack Pelland is normally the first guy I call.
Words to Live Buy: My Dad always says you’ve gotta be tough to be dumb, haha.
Favourite NF Product: DP4 pants - best pants in the business!
Instagram: @sethsherlock
Special Thanks To: Intense Factory Racing, PerformX Training, my Mom and Dad