Sam Toohey

 Full Name: Samuel Toohey
Date of Birth: Feb 21, 2005
Place of Birth: Sydney, Australia 
Current Residence: Santa Cruz, California
MTB Discipline: DH Racing
Favourite Trail: Schladming 
Scariest Feature: Sidetrack, Head Slapper, or Leogang Woods
Dream Trip Destination: Not about the destination, it’s about the journey.. broo
Favourite Riding Buddy: The Nishkians
Words to Live Buy: Sometimes you crank that soulja boy, sometimes that soulja
boy cranks you
Favourite NF Product: DP3’s have been used the most, but every product is amazing!
Love the Team Race Jerseys, super light and breathable.
Instagram: @samuel.toohey
Special Thanks To: Trav and Scott particularly. You guys have been helping me out
so much this year and I am so grateful for all that you do. Also shoutout to the
boys n’ gals in the warehouse getting everything put together