Full Name: Matt "Boltz" Bolton
Date of Birth: May 5, 1994
Place of Birth: Richmond Hill, Ontario
Current Residence:
Squamish, BC
MTB Discipline: Having as much fun as possible
Favourite Trail: Anything my friends and I have built or trails with big jumps.
Scariest Feature: Dropping into new lines for the first time always gets the heart going.
Dream Trip Destination: I'd love to get down to New Zealand and escape the Canadian winter.
Favourite Riding Buddy: Anybody who enjoys having a good time on the trails!
Words to Live Buy: Happy wife, Happy life.
Favourite NF Product: Dp4 Pant with Half Dan merino top.
Instagram: @matt_boltz
Special Thanks to: Its a very long list so everyone who's believed in a kid from Ontario on his MTB journey. Especially big shoutout to Travis and Ying for being my first sponsor!