Full Name: Jordan Scott
Date of Birth: June 17, 2001
Place of Birth: Las Vegas, Nevada
Current Residence: St. George, Utah
MTB Discipline:
Pump Track, Speed & Style, Downhill, and Dual Slalom. 
Favourite Trail:
Blowhard Trail in Cedar City, UT
Scariest Feature:
The entirety of the 2019 Mont Saint Anne Worlds track
Dream Trip Destination:
Catty Woods and Posh
Favourite Riding Buddy:
My partner Bryce
Words to Live Buy:
Go faster and pull back harder!
Favourite NF Product: Dp4
Instagram: @jamminjordy
Special Thanks to:
Hyper MTB, Sr Suntour, Kenda MTB, Shimano MTB, 6D Helmets, and of course NF! I've been working with Rob Beams at Complete Racing Solutions. And of course, my friends and family.