Company Values

Established in Vancouver, Canada in 2018 

Our goal upon inception was to build a healthy (not big) enough business to survive many generations, while also producing a sustainable, responsible product for those requiring new MTB gear.

We will never pursue perpetual growth; It's greedy, unethical, and leads to the destruction of our planet and society. We're here to take responsibility for the entire functional life of our garments by repairing, recovering or recycling used and destroyed NF products. We don't chase trends and will always take responsibility for our actions to constantly minimize our carbon footprint. In a time where brands come and go, our commitment is to provide meaningful products and services to our community for decades to come. We strive for a lifelong relationship with our supporters(that's you!) ensuring you are shown the respect you deserve for spending your hard earned money. 

The words on our wall:

Value not price.

Quality not quantity.

Create not produce.

Hands not machines.

Strength not growth.


The words on our bathroom wall:

Make Shit Happen.


If you ever become unsatisfied with our NF products we want to know about it so we can make it right. We sell satisfaction, and we 100% stand behind that.