Video: Isaac Mcbain's Solo Build in 'Can O' Worms'

In the heart of the forest, where time seems to stand still, there exists a realm where passion meets perseverance. Videographer Matthew Tongue documents Isaac Mcbain's solitary build, though consuming and methodical, brings a unique sense of satisfaction.

"Whether it be on bikes or on the tools, time in the misty mountains is time well spent. I felt the desire to take on the challenge of building something solo to truly endure the gruelling art of building. It’s an obsessive and methodical path that keeps you up at night, when you hear the clouds raining down hell on the vulnerable new section of trail opened, that could have been finished in 2 days if you had 5 other like minded, weed crazed, meat puppets in the pit with you. However, it brings new opportunities for appreciation. Knowing when the foundation of work that people can’t see / are unaware of, is done with a certain integrity; and enjoying the fruits of your labour, makes it worth while."

- Isaac Mcbain

Builder, rider: @isaacmcbain

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