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NF - QuikStrike No.23 (Transitions)

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NF - QuikStrike No.23 (Transitions) 

It's been a while since we dropped a QuikStrike. Mainly because we have been getting busier by the minute with a still surprisingly small team. As ya'll may know we also had some legal trouble with our brand name and had to make a change. We are stronger than ever now and we happened to find this wicked fabric for making jerseys. There was only 18 meters which results in about 9 jerseys. So wit that said, there is only 8 left as I type this and that will be it!

QuikStrike™ products are extremely limited prototypes often too niche or complicated for mass production but serve an important part of R&D and "creative venting".

All QuikStrike™ products are meticulously designed, handmade in our own Vancouver factory, and take hours, if not days to complete which is reflected somewhat in the price. There will most likely only be 1 - 10 available, so if you love it and it's still available, grab it before it's gone forever!



• QuikStrike™ may take up to 10 business days to ship.

• All QuikStrike™ products are made to order.

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