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NF - Quikstrike No.28 (HELLA)

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NF - Quikstrike No.28 (HELLA) 

This jersey represents our commitment to innovation, not only from a product and design stand-point but even more so, efficiency. We've had countless requests from sometimes frustrated customers that our QuikStrike jerseys are way too expensive. That was because they took hours to produce and we only had time to make up to 10 at a time. We have figured out a way to make many and cut our costs - so from now on No.26 and beyond will be only $99.00 with no limit to the amount we can produce! Let's just say once this brand matures, anyone with a jersey Numbered 25 or less may have a collectors item on their hands, we won't even talk about the jerseys numbered 10 or less! 

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Quikstrike products are extremely limited prototypes often too niche or complicated for mass production but serve an important part of R&D and "creative venting".

All Quikstrike products are meticulously designed, handmade in our own Vancouver factory using the best materials with our own proprietary design and manufacturing processes. 

As of March 07, 2019 there will be no limits on availability of FACTORY issue jerseys - this is why the drastic reduction in price!



• FACTORY Issue products may take up to 10 business days to ship.

• All FACTORY Issue products are made to order.

• NF products currently do not ship outside of North America - if you must have it, get in touch and we'll see if we can figure something out, very sorry for any inconveniences.