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NF - Quikstrike No.25 (Jailbird)

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NF - Quikstrike No.25 (Jailbird) 

This jersey started out as a fun poke at the current "hype" brand collaboration with the soccer brand with the stripes. It was originally supposed to be a bit more literal using verbiage like "8 stripes is better than 3, or the brand with the 8 stripes" etc but we took the high road and come up with this. Should look super fast in the DH trails!

Quikstrike products are extremely limited prototypes often too niche or complicated for mass production but serve an important part of R&D and "creative venting".

All Quikstrike products are meticulously designed, handmade in our own Vancouver factory, and take hours, if not days to complete which is reflected somewhat in the price. There will most likely only be 1 - 10 available, so if you love it and it's still available, grab it before it's gone forever!



• FACTORY Issue products may take up to 10 business days to ship.

• All FACTORY Issue products are made to order.

• NF products currently do not ship outside of Canada - if you must have it, get in touch and we'll see if we can figure something out, very sorry for any inconveniences.