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Face Coverings (Bandanas)

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Bike park rules state you must wear face coverings in the lift line, while loading and unloading lifts, and in public places such as washrooms, shops, and restaurants. 

Using left over jersey fabric, we decided to go with the bandana style after many mask renditions due to it's ease of use, and multiple functions. We found masks would have to go in and out of pockets often with a high chance of losing them. A bandana stays around your neck like a cowboy when not in use, then when you need it you can pull it up quickly with one hand. Makes a good goggle wipe too. Prefer the mask look? twist the loose bottom half snugly and fold it up under your chin. 


• 95% Polyester 5% Spandex breathable, wicking, quick drying mesh 

• one size fits all

• made in Canada

• better than a mask with ear loops (we tried many versions, this is better)