The People

NF 6-Pack
Brendon "Shredgar" Edgar - North Vancouver
DOB: Jan 14th 1985
Home Trails: The North Shore, Vancouver
Favourite Trails: New trails are the best
Race Results: 
• 2017 BC Enduro Overall Champion - Pro Men
• 2017 CNEC 2nd place overall - Pro Men
• 2017 Gryphon - 5th place
• Currently 68th Overall in the EWS
Preferred Disciplines: Enduro
Other Sponsors:
• Trek Bikes
• We Are One Composites
• Bond Training
• Postmark Brewery
• Team Brah
Words of wisdom:  Ride your Bike 🤘
Caleb Harapnuik - North Vancouver
DOB: February 10 1998
Home trails: Cypress Mountain
Favourite trails: Whistler's Crabapple Hits & Canadian Open
Race results: 2017 Senior Men BC Cup Champion
Preferred disciplines: DH Racing, Freeride
Other sponsors: Obsession Bike Shop, Trek Bikes.
Words of wisdom: “Go as fast as I can, should work out” - Stevie Smith
Jay Boysen - North Vancouver
DOB: 1993
Home trails: The North Shore
Favourite trails: anything In the sea to sky corridor, Whistler ain’t half bad too
Race results:
• 2015 Pro men BC Cup - 12th
• 2012 Overall title for non-pro 19-29 men as well as provincial Champion.
• Raced the BC cups every summer from 2009-2015
Preferred discipline: DH and trail bikes are awesome, love to dirt jumps too!
Other notes: grew up on Bowen island and still work there but call north Vancouver home now
Matt Bolton - Squamish 
 DOB: May 5th 1994 
Home Trails: Squamish 
Favourite Trails: Sea to sky - Jumps and loam 
Race Results:
• Squamish Griffin 2017 -3rd (Men 21-29) 
• CRANKWORX Air DH 2017 - 3rd (Men 21-25)  
• Fraser Valley Enduro 2018 (Veddar Mountain Classic) - 3rd (Men 21-29)
Preferred Disciplines: Freeride, Enduro, Big Mountain
Words of wisdom: Just going to send it! 
Nic Rogers - Vancouver
DOB: February 2nd 1997
Home Trails: Whistler Bike Park, Cypress Mountain, Mount Seymour
Favourite Trails: Anything on Mt. Prevost, Mystery DH, Goats Gully, Boulder Mountain
Race Results:
2017 Canadian National Champs-13th Elite men
2017 Canada Cup Mt. Tremblant- 5th Elite men
2016 Canada Cup Panorama- 6th Elite men
2016 Canadian National Champs- 6th Elite men
Preferred Disciplines: Downhill Racing
Other Sponsors: Velofix, Endūr Apparel
Words of wisdom: "If you ain't first, you're last" and so there's no point in racing if you aren't there to win.
Ryhs Ellis - Canadian in Tasmania
Age: 27
Home Trails: Currently Maydena Bike Park, Tasmania - Previously Calgary AB.
Favourite Trails: Old Mate Cobba, Dirt Merchant, Natures Nectar, T-Dub
Race Results:
• National Champs 2017 - 10th 
• Steve Smith Memorial Race -5th
• Big White BC Cup - 3rd 
Preferred Disciplines: Free-Racer
Interesting Facts: PMBIA Level 2 Course Evaluator, Bike Park Manager at Maydena Bike Park.
Shane Kroeger - Golden, BC
DOB: June 17, 1976
Home Trails:  Golden, BC
Favourite Trails: T4/LSD
2017 Race Results:
Enduro World Series Overall Ranking: 6th Master Men
• Trans Provence: 4th Master Men
• Canadian National Enduro Championship: Sun Peaks, BC: 1st Place Master Men
• BC Enduro Series: Kamloops, BC: 1st Place Master Men
• BC Enduro Series: Penticton, BC: 1st Place Master Men
Preferred Disciplines: Enduro
Other Sponsors:
• Santa Cruz Bicycles
• NRG Enterprises
• Derailed Sports
Words of wisdom: Keep the rubber side down!
 Brandon Douglas - Williams Lake, BC
DOB: 1994
Home Trails: One Night Stand - Williams Lake, BC
Favorite Trails: Patchworks, Mt. Prevost
Race Results: 4th Overall BC Cup, Elite Men
 Words of Wisdom - Just giv'r the onions! 
Kyle Quesnel - Squamish, BC
DOB: June 23, 1991
Home Trails: Squamish, BC
Favorite Trails: 19th Hole, Squamish
Race Results: Multiple Top 16, 32 finishes in Speed + Style, and Pump track - Whistler Crankworx 2016, 2015
 Words of Wisdom:
No practice runs in life, so send it!
Max Grayston - Whistler, BC

DOB: 1992

Home trails: Kelowna Motocross track🤘

Favourite trail: A-line, until that new Dirt Merchant opens!

Race Results: I just party on the trails

Words of Wisdom: go ride your damn bike!



Jordan Boostmaster - Abbotsford, BC

DOB: 1989

Home trails: Fraser Valley

Favourite trail: dirt merchant

Race results: I just party on the trails

Words of wisdom: Freeride never dies


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Bad Ass Mountain Bikes - North Vancouver
 @badassmtnbikes - Instagram
The Bike Dads - Surrey, BC - Calgary, AB
@thebikedads - Instagram
Youtube - The Bike Dads

Mini Horns - Maydena Bike Park, Tasmania, Calgary, AB
@mini_horns - Instagram 
Benny Barrington - Most Popular "Park Rat" in Whistler
@Bennybarrigan - Instagram
Pierre and Thibaut Dufour - France
Rode their bikes - towing a launch ramp - from Cancun, Mexico to Whistler, BC to ride the bike park - on the bikes they rode here!
@pierre_dfr - instagram
Jeff Westlake - Pemberton, BC - Legendary Pemberton rider and trail builder.
@jwwestbc - instagram
Ed Witwicki - Pemberton, BC - Legendary Pemberton rider, trail builder, photographer.
@ebwitwicki - instagram
 The Crow 90 MTB - Grandate, Italy
 @crow90 - Instagram
Youtube - The Crow 90 MTB
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Sam, Erik, Ying, and Travis Bothner

Ying has taken on all other business in the factory so Travis can focus on the creation of the Needs Factory brand and products. The boys sometimes "help out" after school. (heart)