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Q. How long is the inseam in the DP3 pant?

A. Our inseam is 32 in M and L, but inseam is not an accurate measurement across all brands. Use our chart to compare outseams. ;)

Q. How long is the inseam in the Berzerker pant?

A. Our inseam is 32 in M and L (see above)

Q. If I'm a large in one jersey, will I be a large in all of your tops?

A. Yes, we work hard on making our sizing consistent. 

Q. Do any of your products shrink in the wash?

A. 100% merino wool tends to shrink with heat. To prevent shrinkage of the merino wool tops wash cold, and lay flat to dry. None of our other products shrink enough to worry about. 

Q. Do your pants fit women. 

A. Yes, our DP3 pant is a hit amongst most women, just size down as the sizing is based on mens. ie; If you are a small in women's, buy an x-small DP3 (same with our tops).

Q. Will you be making kids sizing soon?

A. Yes, we are working on it, just need to get womens out first then we will be producing a kids range. 

Q. How long does it take to ship in stock orders?

A. Usually between 2 and 48 hours depending on order volume

Q. How long does it take to ship pre-orders?

A. This depends on many factors. Before we put any product up for pre-order we make sure we have all the materials in the factory needed to finish the job in order to avoid any delays with suppliers or shipping. This helps give us an accurate estimate on ship dates but things in the factory, or incidents on the production line such as illness, machine failures, or mishaps all can delay production. Do Not Preorder anything if you can't accept your order later than the estimated dates. 

Q. How long does it take to ship a QuikStrike jersey?

A. Currently, QuikStrike jerseys are made to order. Depending on the volume it could take anywhere from a 2 - 10 business days to make and ship your jersey. 

Q. Will I be notified when my order has shipped?

A. Yes, the instant we ship your order you will receive and automatic notification with your confirmation and *tracking number (if provided).

Q. Do you ship outside of North America?

A. Yes, we ship to most countries, if you have a hard time buying products from North America in your country, chances are you will have the same problem with us.

Q. Will my order come with a tracking number?

A. All orders shipped in Canada will come with a tracking number. Free shipping outside of Canada will come with tracking only on purchases over $170 USD. Free shipping outside of Canada below $170 USD will not come with tracking.

Q. How do I get sponsored?

A. 1. Be a good person 2. Be better than our current top rider in your age and gender category 3. Represent NF in a humble, professional way at all times.

Q. How do I apply for sponsorship/Ambassadorship?

A. Send our team manager an email with your race/competition results, and a couple links to your social media profiles. Due to a high demand we will only get back to those who qualify. 

Q. Do you have a grassroots program?

A. We have a young talent program called "New Futures" where we support selected up-and-coming racers and freeriders.

Q. Do you sell your products in retail stores?

A. Yes, as of September 2021 we will be stocking retail shops, starting with our neck of the woods here on the west coast. 

Q. Do you have distribution outside of Canada?

A. Currently we do not, but we do ship globally from our Canadian warehouse.

Q. Where are your products made?

A. East Vancouver, British Columbia

Q. Is your product Fair Trade Certified?

A. No idea, yes?

Q. Where do you source your materials?

A. All over, but mainly China, Taiwan, Italy, and Switzerland

Q. Where is your factory located?

A. 419 Industrial Ave, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Q. Is your factory open to the public?

A. No it is not. 

Q. What are your factory store hours?

A. Our factory store is now closed but we have partnered with the leading shops in our vicinity to stock our products.

Q. How long is your warranty?

A. We offer a 1-year limited warranty on the workmanship of our garments. 

Q. Do you do repairs?

A. We do indeed. Click here for more information on that. 

Q. What if the gear I purchase does not fit like expected?

A. We typically don't do exchanges due to our inventory issues. If you need a different size, send back your order in new, unused condition with tags in place, then we will refund you the full amount once received -- you then can choose to purchase a different size or style if we have it in stock. 

Q. What if I'm a few days past the warranty expiration?

A. We don't believe in "grey areas" but are often guilty ourselves so we will be fair. If it is a typical wear and tear situation you won't have much luck. Don't forget we make the gear here, and ride A LOT! So we know these garments very well. :) 

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