Repairs & Warranty

We design and produce technical clothing for mountain biking, but our core product at NF is satisfaction. We take responsibility for the longevity of our product's entire life cycle. This means that if you're ever unhappy with the quality of your NF products we will have an option that works for both of us: have the product fixed and keep running it, exchange it for a discount on a new NF product, or return it for a full refund (see warranty conditions) . If you decide to leave your product with us we will wash it, repair it, and put it back in the market for someone else to enjoy and the cycle goes on. Visit our NF adoptable sections to view our current product availability.



Mountain Biking is an inherently rough sport resulting in spectacular crashes in spectacular settings, made from rocks and roots which are very rough even on the toughest garment. Being riders, we understand this and have implemented reconstructing NF garments into our business model. If you find you are in need of repairs, start by washing the product in question then completing and emailing detailed photos and this form to  to begin the repair process.

IMPORTANT - emails without photos and form may result in slower response time.


Breathing life back into a well worn, or even fully cooked NF garment presents a unique challenge every time. It allows us to be creative, in some cases very creative, and gives the garment another chance at life. Once we feel it is strong enough to perform its duties, we will return it; or if left with us we will photograph it in the studio and put it back up for sale on our website. This process can be repeated for generations (of the garment).



We have a 1-year limited warranty on all of our garments against design flaws and factory defects. Our warranty is based on the average life cycle of the average serious mountain biker. Using NF pants for anything other than mountain biking could increase the amount of wear and tear and may void warranty if we deem it as unusual.