Restore 'n Ride with Matt Bolton

Matt Bolton, or as we call him, "Boltz," has had a productive winter season dedicating his spare time to reviving his popular trail, Poacher, located in Squamish, BC.

While Squamish is renowned for its extensive trail network (often leaving locals and visitors spoiled for choice), Matt felt that there was a gap to be filled: an advanced jump line. So in 2019, Matt and his buddy, Tim, took on the mission to change that. 

Their aim was to create a series of jumps that would enhance their overall riding experience and progression of riders in the area, which lead to the creation of "Poacher." This freeride line branches off from East Infection. 

On the tools

After 5 years of abuse and countless rides, it was time to show it some love. Hours turned into days, days into weeks, as Matt and Tim worked tirelessly to shape new life into this beloved trail. 

Piecing it (back) together

An improved landing and exit of the trail

Had to test it for himself - it goes! 

Boltz (RE)Creation

Boltz, Bermz, 'n Brown Pants (DP4 - Tabacco)

 Matt pushing back up for another test lap, and staying comfortable in his Lightweight Jacket (Lagoon)

As you can see, Poacher is a must-send trail in Squamish, so, stash a beer (or three), grab your favorite (NF) gear, and go experience it for yourself.

Photos by: Rob Perry

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