Behind the Design: Liteweight Pant

Being the lightest and most breathable pants we've ever made, they're best worn in warmer temps and with Spring and Summer right around the corner, we thought these deserved a shout out. 
If you prefer to wear pants when you ride, or you find yourself in variable conditions and can't decide between wearing shorts or pants (NF, of course), then these are an ideal choice. Light, extremely stretchy, and durable - you'll barely notice you've got them on at all, and you'll find yourself comfortably pedalling/lapping all day in them.

"Phone doesn't bounce around in either the open or zip pocket. I never notice them when I have them on."

Let's get into the fit. We increased Spandex content for maximum mobility (who doesn't love a good 'stretch'), enough pockets to store snacks, a phone, or a wallet, and enough space to fit kneearly any kneepad. These also feature our NF signature elastic waistband with belt loops for those wanting to run one, or a shoestring. 
From start to finish, it's all about keeping it green. We're talking eco-friendly dyes and manufacturing that's as responsible as it gets. Less impact, top-notch quality.

"We develop our Zrilix™ fabrics from scratch for a specific purpose - riding mountain bikes up and down the mountain, in most conditions. We believe we've settled on the perfect blend of comfort and durability, with different weights and weaves to suit most riding conditions. Our Zrilix™ 2 and 4 fabrics are stretchy and durable with the ability to shed water from light rain to splashy trails thanks to a PFC-free DWR coating. We chose to sacrifice all-out waterproofing for comfort and breathability." 
- Trav 

At roughly 246 grams, this pant quickly became the favourite pant for NF team racers in the hot summer months. It's also the most affordable NF pant to date at $178 CAD!

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