Quikstrike: The jersey you can’t always get.

The NF Quikstrike "was never considered for mass production.
Too weird to live, too rare to die." 

- Hunter S. Thompson

Travis Bothner, the originator and creative force behind NF, personally crafts each QuikStrike™ jersey design, translating everyday inspirations into functional jerseys.


Each jersey is meticulously designed, handmade in our own Vancouver factory, and take hours, if not days to complete. As we make the jerseys in-house, our production capacity determines the quantity we can create for each release. We'll set a limit on the number of jerseys we can feasibly make at any given time for a particular drop.

When will the next one drop?

"I'll know the night before."

- Travis Bothner, NF Founder

We post on our Instagram for every new release, offering our followers first dibs to secure one. If you're not active on social media, don't worry! We also promptly send out an email following the release, so make you're signed up and connected to stay in the loop.


Check out this review from Bike Magazine earlier this summer with words from Cy Whitling. 

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  • Slow Old Guy

    The fabric from these jerseys is soooo nice. You might not always appreciate the attention to detail in the design but the every time the cut and fit is amazing. And the fabric. It’s all about the fabric. It doesn’t feel like you are wearing anything. I might be slow but I always look the best.

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