Thread Talk: Zrilix™ Unveiled

Enter our world of meticulously designed, rider-approved fabrics, expertly developed in Vancouver, BC. Here you'll find an inside-look into our zrilix fabrics we've created (and why), as well as words from the Founder himself.


"We develop our Zrilix™ fabrics from scratch for a specific purpose - riding mountain bikes up and down the mountain, in most conditions. We believe we've settled on the perfect blend of comfort and durability, with different weights and weaves to suit most riding conditions. Our Zrilix™ 2 and 4 fabrics are stretchy and durable with the ability to shed water from light rain to splashy trails thanks to a PFC-free DWR coating. We chose to sacrifice all-out waterproofing for comfort and breathability."


"Even though we are based in one of the wettest regions in North America, we still feel that waterproof gear isn't the answer to a comfortable ride in damp/wet conditions - one or two layers of merino wool under well fitting, breathable stretch-woven nylon is. For those of you that must ride in a downpour, we are working on something, but are yet to find the perfect balance of waterproof vs comfort vs breathability" - NF Founder, Travis Bothner

Each garment undergoes meticulous evaluation by our dedicated team. Only when we are completely content with the results does the product proceed to the production stage. 

We know gear matters. That's why zrilix is the real deal. From start to finish, it's all about keeping it green. We're talking eco-friendly dyes and manufacturing that's as responsible as it gets. Less impact, top-notch quality.

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