Behind the Design: 6-Day Pro Pant



The 6-Day Pro Pant is the first offering of our HRDC (Hike, Ride, Drive/Dig, Camp) range. A staple since Day-1, the 6-Day Pro has more casual fit to it to create the perfect pant that does it all. Comfort, durability, storage, weather protection, and everyday style - all premeditated. 


If you are curious why "pro" has been added to the name of this particular pant, it's because with this pant we are using our zrilix™4 fabric to add to the performance. We will release our cotton/hemp 6-Day pant as a more casual option in the coming months. 


"I created these to be worn everywhere, all the time. I can't be bothered with choosing what pants to wear in the morning. Now the choice is obvious and its the only pants I wear, even while riding a lot of the time. They don't need to be washed often like natural fibered pants. Just wash them when they need it and that could be very rarely."

- Trav

Storage is a non-negotiable when it comes to freeing your hands up for hi fives, raising cans, etc. 

When designing this pant, we opted for simplicity and purpose, and when it comes down to functionality, you can never have enough pockets. These are crafted with 2 deep lay-flat hand pockets for safe and convenient storage, (even when intentionally or unintentionally going upside down), and 4 thigh pockets to provide ample storage while hiking, camping, or travelling, etc. You can effortlessly stow pocket knives, gloves, parking tickets, bike tools, passports, etc.. you ge tit. 

"We only make products that need to be made better."

- Trav

"Go big or go home" - Groms 


Our NF belt and elastic waistband come standard with these pants, providing all day comfort and keeps them securely in place to stay 'locked 'n loaded' on any adventure.

The 6-Day Pro's really are a humans best friend - next to Willie, of course! 

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