Steve Vanderhoek


Photo by: Travis Bothner - @travis_the_tailor

Place of Birth: North Vancouver BC
Date of Birth : Dec 25, 1988
Current Residence: North Vancouver, BC, Canada 
MTB Discipline: Freeride 
Home trails: North Shore - Seymour, Cypress, Fromme
Favorite Trail/Track: 5th Horseman
Scariest Trail/Feature: Busted Axe Wound 
Dream Trip Destination: Utah - rampage site and slick rock 
Fav Riding Buddy: Quinn Calverley 
Words to live by: When in trouble, tuck for double 
Fav NF product: DP3
I'd like to thank: NF, Devinci, We are One Composites, Race Face, Ride Concepts, ride wrap, STFU, Lynn Valley Bikes, Wize Coffee Leaf 
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