Matthew Tongue


Photo By: Diego Lozano - @_yiegs

Place of Birth: Perth, Aus.
Date of Birth : Feb, 1990
Current Residence: Whistler, B.C.
MTB Discipline: DH/Enduro
Home trails: Pemby/Squamish
Favorite Trail/Track: Ditch pig i-iv/ Schleyer-Canadian-Open/ bike ranch
Scariest Trail/Feature: Hecklers at speed... died on that one a couple times 
Dream Trip Destination: Bike-packing Iceland 
Fav Riding Buddy: The boiz and also my riding ladies.
Words to live by: Smooth seas don’t make skilled sailors
Fav NF product: Dp3 pant
I'd like to thank: Mum for birthing me, Dad for putting me on a bike. Sponsor crew for making me look good (NF, STFU, Evolution)
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