Matt Bolton

Place of Birth: Richmond Hill, Onteriable 
Date of Birth : 1994
Current Residence: Squamish, B.C., Canada 
MTB Discipline: All bikes are rad but freeride is my favorite
Favorite Trail/Track: The best trails are the ones you build with your friends  
Scariest Trail/Feature: Guinea Pigging new lines you've built and not sure will work is the spookiest. 
Dream Trip Destination: Not many other places I'd rather ride than the Sea to Sky but I'd love to check out New Zealand during our winter.
Fav Riding Buddy: Anybody who likes to party on the trails 
Words to live by: If you're not having fun, you're doing something wrong. 
Fav NF product: Dan Merino + DP3 Pants. My riding kit 95% of the time. 
I'd like to thank: This is a long list, thanks for everyone who's believed in a kid from the suburbs of Ontario who wanted to be a mountain biker!
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