Jono Lo


Photo by: Diego Lozano - @_yiegs

Place of Birth: Québec 

Date of Birth: Jan 3, 89’ 

Current Residence: North Vancouver B.C. 

MTB Discipline: Freeride / Down Country 

Home trails: Seymour Favorite 

Trail/Track: Loam 

Scariest Trail/Feature: Big jumps scare me 

Dream Trip Destination: Some steep euro loamers 

Fav Riding Buddy: I love mobbing down trails with a crew of like minded people 

Words to live by: Get out of the main line 

Fav NF product: dp3 pants 

I'd like to thank: All the people who help keep the trails running well. Thx NF for my gear, LynnValley Bike’s for keeping me rolling and Rocky Mountain Bikes for making sweet rigs.

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